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Our parasha this week deals with time- and space-shifts, the Ten Commandments and with the person of Jethro (Yitro) after whom the parasha is named. Jethro is a fascinating figure and we study his character and try to answer why the parasha is named after him and not, for example "VaYishma" (and he heard) as would also have been a very appropriate title (and no other parasha has that name). We then begin our study of the Ten Commandments which we will continue into next week's parasha, which is a mirror image of this week's parasha. We devote time to studying the peculiar time- and space-shifts in this parasha (and the following) to try and understand their meaning. The study of these two parasha (this week and next) serves as a spring-board to the 2nd half of Exodus and the work of the Tabernacle. 

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