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As we enter into the book of Leviticus this week, we transition through the last chapter of Exodus where - since the entire book of Exodus is based upon the account of creation - Moses plays the role of God in creation and 'finished all the work' (Ex 40:33). The book of Leviticus begins with a call from the Tabernacle - which is also an invitation to us - to enter into a state of holiness that will be with us throughout this book. This is followed by a list of sacrifices (by "Adam", then by "a soul" then "of peace") a progression that leads us again through creation of Adam, the "living soul" and the peace of the eternal tabernacle. Finally, we meet the first time where "the Messiah" is mentioned in Scripture (*the* Messiah, with the article) is only ever mentioned in Scripture in chapters 4 and 6 of Leviticus and only in reference to the High-Priest. This of course has profound Christological implications which we study here and continue next week. 

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