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This week we make another step in the revelation of the "Seed of the woman" (Gn 3:15) and - in this feast day of the Immaculate Conception - we study Jacob and Rachel coming together in expectation and in suffering over their son Joseph (Gn 37:34-35). We learn how Joseph is the very image of Jacob - his "icon" as one of the Aramaic translations has it - and in him as well as in Judah the s/Seed continues. We study both of these protagonists: Joseph's mission to "see the peace" of his brothers - his life's mission for the next 22 years - and Judah bearing the physical seed receiving a lesson in salvation history from Tamar - in so doing we also study how Gn 38 is a preview of the book of Ruth.  Finally, we skip over all the dreams that begin and end our parasha since we will devote most of next week's study to the study of dream-interpretation.

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