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The deaths of Nadab and Abihu opened a parenthesis which we will only close next week (verse 1 of chapter 16), therefore, we begin this week's study with the immediate aftermath of these deaths - the injunction not to drink wine or strong drink before entering the sanctuary and go deeper into this teaching than we did two weeks ago. We follow this with a study of the sin of Aaron two remaining sons and compare this to that of Nadab and Abihu to meditate on the teaching about forgiveness reflected in it. Then we study in detail the profound teaching about clean and unclean animals and see how the underlying teaching here refers both to creation and to the state of the clean and unclean in their deaths - from where we also follow Origen to a teaching about human redemption in Christ. Finally, we study the uncleanness/cleanness of the woman giving birth and connect this with creation as well. We will study the glorious teaching about leprosy next week.

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