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With this week's parasha we find ourselves at the center of the Torah - which, from the standpoint of number of words and of number of letters, is to be found in our portion. As we study the teaching that lies at the center of the Torah we realise that Scripture is instructing us to "seek diligently" (the expression used at the center of the Torah from the standpoint of words) let we fall into the deception of the snake in the garden (the expression - at the letter - found at the center of the Torah from the standpoint of letters)... Now that we are told to "seek diligently" we enter into this portion and contemplate Nadab and Abihu - even though the vast majority of commentators throughout the ages saw Nadab and Abihu very negatively, we join the tiny minority of commentators who saw the very positively -- just like our Lord, Jesus Christ, was judged negatively by the majority - while He was God incarnate!... Finally we see how Nadab and Abihu are embedded into the 12 chapter of the gospel of John. 

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