Vayeshev – and he dwelt – readings and preparations for the parasha #parsha #vayeshev

Genesis 37:1 – 40:23; Haftarah: Amos 2:6 – 3:8

Having completed his mission to Esau, as we saw last week, Jacob “dwells” in the land. We meditate on the reasons he would believe that he has fulfilled the prophecy of Gn 15 and the cracks in that vision that begin to creep up. We then consider how Joseph, who is given to us at the beginning of this parasha as “the generations of Jacob” is in fact the essence of Jacob’s progeny – a type of Christ and the very ‘Jacobness’ of Jacob (so to speak). This week we will not study the dreams of Jacob or of the two servants of Pharaoh (the chief cupbearer and the chief baker) – we will study all the dreams together next week, including Pharaoh’s dream. However, we will study the aftermath of Jacob’s dream, his betrayal by his brothers and his sojourn at Potiphar’s (and the story of Potiphar’s wife). Finally, we will devote some time to study Tamar’s story from the perspective of the theme of our class in Genesis – that of the story of the Seed.

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