Achrei Mot-Kedoshim

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This week's parasha is a double parasha called "after the death of saints" -- an appropriate title for the closing of a parenthesis that started with the death of Nadab and Abihu. We begin our study with leftovers from last week's parasha: the laws of leprosy and of bodily "flows/discharges" - and see that the leper, when he is cleansed, is treated as a tabernacle, sprinkled seven-times and as a priest - as a son of Aaron - receiving the sign of the blood of the sacrifice on the ear-lobe. Our parasha beings with the laws concerning the day of atonement and we study the Christian day of atonement - which is the Ascension of our Lord - who entered in the heavenly Holy of Holies once as the true High-Priest. Finally we connect this to chapter 17 and the prohibition to eat blood of sacrifices and see how in Lev 17 God says - "I have give it to you on the altar" - which signifies that nothing but the blood of God can be consumed on the altar -- a glorious per-figuration of the eucharist. 

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